Tofu Pad Thai.. M’mmmm..

Truth me told, I’m a blog hound. I will find fitness/vegan/foodie/green blogs and literally read the whole blog back to when it was first started, and bookmark all of my favorites along the way. One blog I found recently, not vegan, but basically about a young newly married couple- she’s vegetarian (used to be vegan) and he’s, well, “normal”, both into fitness, both into going out. I could instantly relate.

So the blog is about two years old, and she posts basically everyday, if not twice a day, and I’m almost done with it. Obsessed much?

A couple of months ago, the boy and I felt the need to switch up the “this is getting boring” weekly dinner menu. Enter Tofu Pad Thai. Even the meatatarian in my house ate it, just sayin’..

Healthier Tofu (or any other protein you’d prefer) Pad Thai

– Juice from 2 limes
– 2 T brown sugar
– 1.5 T Siracha (pretty spicy, but I dig it that way-change it up to your liking)
– 1 t oil of your choice (I used coconut)
– 1/4 cup bragg’s liquid aminos

Main Ingredients:
– 2 heads broccoli (she recommended 1 small one, but i LOVE broccoli, soooo,,)
– 2 Carrots
– 1 block extra firm tofu
– 3 scallions
– 8 oz brown rice noodles

– lime wedges
– Siracha!!!!
– chopped peanuts
– cilantro (gross, but whatever floats your boat)
– drizzle of tahini (a random add on I used, awesome.)

Let’s get cooking.. First things first, chop up your tofu into 1 inch cubes, no need to press or drain, all of the water cooks off. Saute them in a Tb of coconut oil over medium low heat until all sides are browned.


While the tofu (or other protein) is sizzling away, start boiling a large pot of water for your brown rice noodles.

Next, chop up the veggies. I swear the moment the peeler hits the carrot my dog comes running. He is a total carrot addict. It’s his kryptonite. He just can’t help himself.



Finish chopping the carrots and broccoli into bite sized pieces.

<br />

Time to start the sauce. Mix all ingredients in a wok and bring to a boil. Why a wok? Because everything is better in a wok, trust me. add in the broccoli and carrots and saute in the sauce until tender or to your liking. My favorite vegetable is cooked broccoli. My least favorite vegetable is raw broccoli. This is a very important step.. for me..




When the veggies are cooking, make sure the water has come to a boil. Remove from heart and add brown rice noodles, stir to separate. The box I bought said to let them sit in there for five minutes. Take my advice, start trying them at around 3.5 minutes. 5 minutes is WAY too long.


Add tofu, scallions and noodles in with veggies and sauce, toss to combine, let meld together for a few minutes.


Serve immediately. I highly recommend the drizzle of tahini, squeeze of lime and half bottle drizzle of siracha.


My only complaint was the lack of sauce, as I’m a “saucy” girl.. 😉 I would make 1.5 times the sauce if you add the extra veggies.



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