The Pros and Cons of Field Work and a new Love Affair

Oh, field work. You are such a double edged sword. Sometimes you’re hard to love, but easy to hate at the same time. Does that make sense? Probably not, but in general, I do enjoy field work. It gets you out of the office, gets you out of your element, usually makes you see completely absurd things that logically make no sense, give you a real sense of what engineering is all about. Blah, blah, blah.. I’m sure I’ve lost a few of you already. Cliff’s notes: Engineering is awesome.

Lets start with the cons:
– Even though you may be inspecting a hotel, you are not looking at the parts of the hotel that the guests see. You’re looking at the parts that even maintenance doesn’t want to see.
– Batt insulation is itchy
– So is fireproofing. Make sure to have a grill scraper in your “engineering site bag” – thanks Nate, didn’t learn that one at school..
– People who work at the places you’re inspecting will ALWAYS ask you if they are losing their job. This is a fail safe.

– Out of the office at lunchtime? Out to lunch!
– Learning and stuff.. blah, blah..

But back to lunch.. i mean, unfortunately sometimes lunch is the highlight of the day. So, we’re working right in the heart of Wilkes-Barre on the square. There are american, middle eastern, thai, japanese, chinese, the list goes on..

Day One. American. Veggie wrap, no cheese, whole wheat wrap with side salad. With red wine vinegar only. Meh. Better choices that I thought there would be. No picture, wasn’t worth it.

Day Two. Feeling Exotic. Cafe Toscana? Eh.. Sushi? Naw. Chinese? May as well just buy a cot on the side. Enter Thai. So I have only had thai food once before, for a friend’s birthday a few years ago. It was okay, nothing to write home about, so I never really searched out for it again. BIG mistake. HUGE.

Blogosphere, meet red curry. Red curry, blogosphere.


Oh, did I mention the best spring rolls in the world?


It was absolutely fantastic. I ordered a spiciness level of 4 out of 5. It was good, I could have gone five though. You call those left overs? I call it dinner.

Day three. Its started at around ten-thirty while the fireroofing was raining down on me while up on the ten foot ladder squeezed though a half ceiling tile that the only thing that would keep me going was if we went back to Thai-Thai at lunch. So we did. Tried the red curry? Gotta try the green curry! &%^*#$% fantastic. dying. died. new obsession. I feel like i’m cheating on sushi, but damn.


Also, world’s best spring rolls. again.

Red vs Green. I can’t choose.. Thoughts??


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