About Us

Welcome to our lives. We’re two twenty-somethings (Katie and Bill) living in NEPA with a four year old Goldendoodle names Berkeley James just trying to find our way through life while living a healthy lifestyle. We met about two years ago, but have officially together since June 1, 2012. Berkeley came before the boy (Bill) from an awesome breeder in Lancaster, PA. He’s a first generation goldendoodle (golden retriever/white standard poodle mix), he doesn’t shed, he was SO easy to house train, he refuses to run out of your eyesight and he’s the smartest dog I’ve ever known. I mean, we name his toys and he will go and get them by name. Come on, that’s awesome.

We love to stay active. I do crossfit, Bill lifts lots of heavy things everyday at the gym he goes to, we play nearly every sport available in a local sports club we joined almost a year ago, we bike, hike, you name it. He’s even gone skydiving.. twice!

Food wise, I’m vegan and he’s, uhhmmm, “normal”? He’s a good sport and puts up with all of the new vegan recipes I try (I love to cook) and likes most of them, or so he says. He’s a good guy.

I work as a Structural Engineer locally and Bill works as a Biomedical Technician fixing medical equipment for the Army at a local base. He travels a lot – Japan, Kansas, New Jersey (ha), Afghanistan.. It’s hard, but it’s worth it for the time that he’s here. We make it work!

What else? I don’t know, I feel pretty average. Feel free to ask me anything!


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