Hurts so Good

Oh Crossfit, I believe we are doomed to be star-crossed lovers with a love-hate relationship that knows no bounds. The best part of Crossfit? Walking back up the ramp, completely out of breath, after the WOD is over. Like, whoa, I just did that.

The worst part of Crossfit? Oh, just about everything else. The anxiety of checking the Facebook page to see if they posted the WOD for the day yet, the terror that strikes at 5 p.m. when they have NOT posted it and you have no idea what you’re in store for, the drive to Crossfit wondering at every light if your car will make all of the right turns to actually get you to the physical location, and the list goes on.

Now, I’m making Crossfit sound terrible, and it is isn’t. When I started Crossfit, I had recently moved and no longer had my gym nearby my house, and not only that, but I was in a gym rut. I would go and do intervals on the treadmill, use a few of the abdominal machines, maybe a couple of the arm machines, not make eye contact with anyone, listen to my own music and drive home, along with the lack of accountability? Ha. It was like being alone in a crowd of people. To my misfortune luck, a few friends from the social sports leagues I play on decided to try Crossfit out and join.

So I tried it out for the free week. I had never been so awkwardly sore in my whole life. It was interesting and different, but what did it for me was the comradery. I’m slapping high fives with people I don’t even know, I’m sweating more than I’ve ever sweat before and so is everyone else and no one cares, the trainers always push you just a little bit further than you’re comfortable with, which makes you realize just what you can actually do and the insane sense of accomplishment you feel when you’re done.

It’s almost scary. In a good way.

We recently moved and got a ridiculous amount of new equipment. Here are some pictures of our new facility:

empty space

upper platform

new flag



The coaches did such an awesome job in such a short amount of time. Hello people, you think you hate moving? Try moving weights. Enough said.

Ooops, and here are the WODs from the past three days. Needless to say, I’m very sore, mostly shoulders.

Xfit WOD 12.16.13

12.16.13Xfit WOD 12.17.13


Xfit WOD 12.18.13


I like to post these, it makes me feel even more accountable. Sorry if I’m boring you!

Any other questions about Crossfit, acronyms, workouts, etc.? Ask away! I’ll answer to best of my newbie knowledge.

Want to come and check it out? Do it, just take a sip of the koolaid..

By the way, these are the coaches last Halloween as the guys from Magic Mike, jus’ saying..

trainers on halloween


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