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Love. Kabeebees.com

Let me tell you something, my mom is one of the most creative and talented people I have ever met. She’s made Halloween costumes for me, done crafts with us our whole lives, made her own paper jewelry, helped me with many a school project back in the day (letters from a fallen soldier from Gettysburg that looked authentic..? a two foot high knight made from sheet metal, what..?). Yah, she’s awesome. She can do anything, so she did.

Enter Kabeebees!. I think the most trouble she had starting the whole business was coming up with the name!!

You can find her here: www.kabeebees.com

or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kabeebees

Here are a few of my favorite pieces, some of which I own, some of which I’ve gifted and some of which I want:

The Radish PlateI have this on a plate stand in my kitchen with backlighting, it’s spectacular.


The Stained Glass Leaf GlassesI. love. these. glasses. I WANT them. ::hint, hint:: I gave them to some close friends for their wedding recently and the bride adored them.

Stained Glass Leaf Glasses 1

Tall Shamrock Pilsner GlassI’m Irish, enough said.

Tall Shamrock Pilsner 1

Name CubesHow adorable, right? She’s been making them for all of the new little members of our family, and even made one for her friend’s dogs. Uhm, hello? Where’s my Berkeley light up cube?

Molly Cube lit up

HoHo OrnamentAll of her ornaments are fantastic, and she even personalizes! Check out the snowball ornaments on her website – baby names, sports teams, you name it!


All ornaments ship completely free till Christmas! Peruse the online store and see just how amazing her products are. Perfect for weddings! I’ve already gifted Kabeebees products several times and have received nothing but the utmost appreciation for presents so special and unique.

Check her out!

p.s., it’s vegan paint.. 😉