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Weekly Recap so Far

Sorry for being MIA writing this past week, but life gets so hectic around the holidays.. Christmas cards, decorating, shopping, baking, parties.. Sounds like so much fun, but when you pour it on top of your regular life and try to maintain your healthy life style, it’s tough and exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the spirit and feeling of the holiday season, it’s just hard for me to buy into the commercial bullsh$t. Okay, end rant.

ANYWAYS.. What’s been going on?! Let’s see.. Monday I worked and then did my normal grocery shopping until crossfit at 6:15 . Guess what?? NEPA crossfit moved to a new, much larger, much better facility. I was psyched to go after work to see all of the new equipment, and then I got lost.. I drove up and down River Street looking for the supposed left I needed to make, and by 6:30 I gave up (class starts at 6:15, they don’t like latecomers). So home I went, feeling defeated and lazy. WAhhhhhh for me. Oh well, it gave me a chance to put all of the groceries away and make the Black Bean & Avocado Enchiladas Mexican Lasagna. If you read my previous post with the recipe, you’ll understand what I mean. But hey, they still tasted awesome and we’re still having leftovers!


We dined and caught up on some shows on hulu (we don’t have cable, we use Netflix, hulu and hbo go, most of which I borrow access to from family members – cable is stupid). Wrote a few more Christmas cards (I sent the majority of them out Saturday, well the boy did, I worked all day) and then early bedtime. love. 🙂 You saw the cards, right? What a hamm.


Tuesday roared in like a lion. I was busy at work while the boy took the day off (at least he put up the Christmas tree 🙂 ), then the last night of dodgeball playoffs starting promptly at 6. Play until you lose type of deal. Here’s the playoff bracket:

playoff bracket

So, finally you get to see our team name – Eat my Balls. We played For whom the ball tolls, our arch nemeses, and we won.. and then we won again against the dodgeball llamas.. and then we won AGAIN beating That Team.. and then we played Sack Attack (teal).. f&#@$*! teal.. We put up a good fight, but we wound up losing. They posted the final standing on the Facebook page yesterday. Tom and the Gazelles, the undefeated team for God knows how long, obviously won, pink came in second, teal third (grrrrr…) and we came in FOURTH Place!! Out of fourteen teams? I’d say that’s not too shabby.


Beer Club and the Backyard Alehouse afterwards for some celebratory Sweet Baby Jesus American Porters (most awesome winter beer I’ve had so far this season, do it, trust me, I’m a beer snob geek).

sweet baby jesus

Finally to Wednesday, another busy way at work. Typical breakfast – tofu scramble wrap on a low-carb wrap with a slice of vegan cheese and spicy black bean dip with a side of honeydew melon. This wrap is so good, I’ll post a picture, but it just looks like a wrap. The spicy black bean dip makes the wrap though. Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s, vegan, low fat, low sodium, do it. Typical lunch salad..


Then a little Christmas shopping until 6 when one of my friend’s husbands was gracious enough to meet me at a location new the new Crossfit box that we both knew and let me follow him to find it. It’s AWESOME. Like, I can barely describe how much better it is.. I’ll get photos soon. Here was the WOD:


Toes to bar? Nope, can’t do that yet. Atlas stones? Haha, I didn’t even know what they were. They used to sit outside at the old box and I just thought they were some sort of decoration near the stone sign outside. They’re rough, they rip up your forearms, chest and shoulders. And burpees.. I remember the first day I started and they had me do burpees, and they were awful. Now, I’ll take 200 burpees over anything else. At least I know they’re definitely challenging us. I made it through almost three full rounds in the ten minute cap, pretty decent for me.

Then home and wine and tree decorating time!! We went with a red and gold theme, and since this was our first Christmas together under the same roof with the same tree, we went through about five boxes of stuff that both of us had in the attic to create what you see here. Berkeley James got in the way constantly helped of course.


Then dinner (steamed broccoli, apple sage vegan sausage sautéed with red peppers and red onion for me, steamed broccoli leftover Mexican lasagna and leftover quinoa stir fry for the boy) and Modern Family and some much needed sleep.

They days get so busy, and as I write this Thursday morning, I realize that tonight will be no different. We now move into the volleyball season on Thursdays. Help! I have so many recipes I want to make! Where do people find the time?!

This is what I want to recreate next – red curry. Stay posted, I’ll get it done by hell or high water!




Dodgeball and Beer Club, oh my!

Let me start by saying, Tuesdays are my favorite days of the week. Weird, right? No! Tuesday for the past 7 weeks has meant dodgeball and beer club! And last night was the start of playoffs, so it was extra intense.

Here we are, the purple people eaters (I still can’t say our real team name) in all our glory:


We killed the navy team something like 6 games to 1 during our first game, which automatically advanced us to the second round of playoffs next week, which is really all that matters.. kinda.. therefore the second game is not even worth mentioning! (It was intense, we lost something like 2 games to 5) But yes! Second round of playoffs next week! Huzzah!

Losing the second game enabled us to finally go to The Backyard Alehouse for Beer Club. Tuesdays they have a 5 for $5 tasting from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (and have recently added a kitchen and now have wing specials as well, hence the picture).

ALEHOUSE 12-03-13

We tasted these five beers and had a couple of others as well. We have books and write everything we taste down along with a rating and comments. Every ten beers you try, you get a free draft. Then there are gift card prizes when you reach mile stones, like $50 gift card at 250 beers, etc. Eventually, you become immortalized on the wall (though I don’t think I’ve seen this actually happen yet).


So this is obviously the best bar ever as we kind of consider ourselves beer snobs (most of us home brew as well, maybe we’re just beer dorks..)

Pumpkin Beer '13

And we’re really good at it..

Boil Over

The tasting beers were just alright, but you have to try them to know for yourself, right? IPAs and I DO NOT get along, so the boy drank the Yards IPA. I dig nut browns around this time of year, so the Dundee was probably my favorite, though most other people liked the Anchor Porter best.. Too smoky/burnt for me.

There were beers, there was food (unfortunately I do not recommend the hummus platter, but apparently the wings are quite good I hear.. if you’re into that), there were laughs, there were far too many movie quotes..







and there was even a bit of a scandal.


Berkeley James! Where did you get that?! My friend is on his 17th book, god only knows what number beer he’s on, and it’s been a four year process. I stole it from the bar. I admit it. But there were just too many movie quotes, and the “I’m eating a giant steak right now” status that someone posted from my phone as my Facebook status.. There had to be revenge. So now it’s for sale on my Facebook page. I got a $10,000,000.00 bid this morning. This could be profitable.

Twas an awesome Tuesday.



Annnddd.. We’re back!

Sorry for the hiatus, it’s been an interesting last few days. For instance, I’m not entirely sure I remember posting my last blog post. I blame the fever delirium, or the dog..

Anyways, what’s going on?? I’m so psyched just to be out of the house! Pathetic, I know.. It’s obviously been the exact wrong and worst time to start this blog that I have been contemplating for so long. The boy left town for work for a few weeks so my cooking has been pretty lacking (and sometimes downright shameful, damn you frozen Boca burgers for being so easily microwaveable!), then being sick and not wanting to do ANYTHING – especially the whole point of the blog – working out, going out, cooking, eating.. MAJOR FAIL this past week. So let’s just pretend none of that ever happened.

Ahhem.. Oh, hi, didn’t see you there.. 🙂

Kickball 2013

Dodge ball last night! Okay, so that’s a picture from kickball this past summer, but we are the same color, and the team is eerily similar.. I’ll post a better one when they post them on Facebook. Oh Facebook, what would we do without you?

Won one, lost one, so no harm no foul? Well, we beat our arch nemesis, For Whom the Ball Tolls, so that’s all that really matters. I’m not even going to tell you what the name of our team is..

After dodge ball, I was graciously invited to a black-tie soiree at the McKeown (yah, try saying that one) residence. I grabbed used my sommelier skills to carefully select the perfect wine to pair with the grandiose spread, picked out the best of the stale French baguettes from the grocery store bakery next door and hightailed it floated like an angel to Pittston, well below the speed limit. I promise. :/

There were many guests in attendance – Chairman Meow and The Hurdy Gurdy Man to name a few (don’t be jealous, they’re much more down to earth than you would think), and the garb was impeccable. I thought the night couldn’t get any better, and then dinner was served.

Okay, seriously now, this is probably the best soup I have ever had in my entire life. My friend Marisa went well out of her way to cook dinner for her husband Michael and I while we were at dodge ball, probably because I’m a pathetic lonely dog lady right now.

She. Even. Revised. The. Recipe. To. Make. It. Vegan.

She’s awesome. It was awesome. Everything was awesome. Do I use that word too much? Awesome.

Butternut Thai Coconut Curry Soup (or some mixture of those words).

What?! It was unbelievable. Like, UN.BELIEVABLE.

And I didn’t take a picture, I hate myself. 😦

So here’s a picture of a different dinner instead:

Group Photo

I need that recipe a.s.a.p. Perhaps she will give it to me, or maybe keep it all to herself – that one is definitely one for the books.

Thanks girl!

Glad to be back. There may be some major changes on the horizon.. Dun dun dun..

And so it begins..

Why hello, didn’t see you there.

My name is Katie (Katherine for short) and I’ve been contemplating entering the blogosphere for some time now. I’m obsessed with reading fitness, health, & vegan blogs and gained so much inspiration from them that I figured I could share my take on the world as well, which in turn might inspire someone else.. blah, blah, blah.. So yep, here I am. Welcome to my crazy world.

First things first – I HATE writing. So creating a blog makes perfect sense, right? Right. I thought so too.

My intentions for this blog are recipes, workouts, lots of pictures (probably mostly of my dog – obsessed.), and some general ramblings. This is probably the most I will ever write in one blog. I mean, who really wants to sit there and read paragraph after paragraph of someone else’s life? Not me. I probably lost a few of you already, so here’s a picture of the best thing that ever happened to me.

8 Weeks Old

Well, now he looks more like this..

Road Trip

And maybe a little of this..

Berkeley Lion 1

That may or may not have been Halloween. I dress my dog up. He loves it. Get over it.

So yes, you have officially been introduced to Sir Berkeley James, know as “Sir” or “Berk” or “Get back here!” for short. He’s a 4-year-old Goldendoodle from good old Amish Country, PA. He likes long walks on the beach, a nice glass of red wine by the fire place and dirty half chewed nerf footballs. You will see a lot of him on here.

Okay, what else? Oh, so there’s the other love of my life. Can’t forget about him. This is Mr. Clean, oh, I mean Bill. Oops, I forget sometimes.

Mr. Clean 1

Isn’t he adorable? No, but seriously, he’s pretty awesome. Like, he even does the dishes. Melt..

To be fair, here’s both of us at one of the billion weddings we went to over the summer. He’s a stud. Obviously.

Gregg and Krystal's Wedding 2

Hmm.. What else? I suppose there’s somewhere in here to make an “About Me” sections, so I won’t go in depth into that here. Here’s the CliffsNotes..

  • Vegan, LOVE to cook. There will be many recipes and pictures.
  • It’s all about Berkeley, we just live in his world.
  • This is my best friend since third grade, Larisa. She’s crazy awesome. (This is at our Senior Prom I believe. Classy.)

Best Friend

  • I play organized Adult dodgeball (amongst other sports). It’s awesome. Shut up.
  • Structural Engineer in North East PA. I make things stand up, I don’t make them pretty, therefore we are highly underappreciated in our industry. Poor me.
  • Recently drank the punch and joined Crossfit. It’s horrible awesome. I’ll share the horrible fun workouts with you everyday. Berkeley does Crossfit too..


  • We brew beer, we go to tastings, we are in a Beer club. We’re the real deal.
  • I like wine too.
  • The only professional sport I will watch is Football. Go Eagles! I have never been to a live game, and I lived in Philadelphia for 7 years, go figure.
  • I bite my nails. Still. I’m 29. Gross.
  • I want to like running but I seriously hate it. Like with a passion. Double Gross.

Well, that about sums it up. Welcome and make yourself at home.

Dodgeball tonight.

Dodgeball 2013 1


Shut up.