Dodgeball and Beer Club, oh my!

Let me start by saying, Tuesdays are my favorite days of the week. Weird, right? No! Tuesday for the past 7 weeks has meant dodgeball and beer club! And last night was the start of playoffs, so it was extra intense.

Here we are, the purple people eaters (I still can’t say our real team name) in all our glory:


We killed the navy team something like 6 games to 1 during our first game, which automatically advanced us to the second round of playoffs next week, which is really all that matters.. kinda.. therefore the second game is not even worth mentioning! (It was intense, we lost something like 2 games to 5) But yes! Second round of playoffs next week! Huzzah!

Losing the second game enabled us to finally go to The Backyard Alehouse for Beer Club. Tuesdays they have a 5 for $5 tasting from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (and have recently added a kitchen and now have wing specials as well, hence the picture).

ALEHOUSE 12-03-13

We tasted these five beers and had a couple of others as well. We have books and write everything we taste down along with a rating and comments. Every ten beers you try, you get a free draft. Then there are gift card prizes when you reach mile stones, like $50 gift card at 250 beers, etc. Eventually, you become immortalized on the wall (though I don’t think I’ve seen this actually happen yet).


So this is obviously the best bar ever as we kind of consider ourselves beer snobs (most of us home brew as well, maybe we’re just beer dorks..)

Pumpkin Beer '13

And we’re really good at it..

Boil Over

The tasting beers were just alright, but you have to try them to know for yourself, right? IPAs and I DO NOT get along, so the boy drank the Yards IPA. I dig nut browns around this time of year, so the Dundee was probably my favorite, though most other people liked the Anchor Porter best.. Too smoky/burnt for me.

There were beers, there was food (unfortunately I do not recommend the hummus platter, but apparently the wings are quite good I hear.. if you’re into that), there were laughs, there were far too many movie quotes..







and there was even a bit of a scandal.


Berkeley James! Where did you get that?! My friend is on his 17th book, god only knows what number beer he’s on, and it’s been a four year process. I stole it from the bar. I admit it. But there were just too many movie quotes, and the “I’m eating a giant steak right now” status that someone posted from my phone as my Facebook status.. There had to be revenge. So now it’s for sale on my Facebook page. I got a $10,000,000.00 bid this morning. This could be profitable.

Twas an awesome Tuesday.




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