Annnddd.. We’re back!

Sorry for the hiatus, it’s been an interesting last few days. For instance, I’m not entirely sure I remember posting my last blog post. I blame the fever delirium, or the dog..

Anyways, what’s going on?? I’m so psyched just to be out of the house! Pathetic, I know.. It’s obviously been the exact wrong and worst time to start this blog that I have been contemplating for so long. The boy left town for work for a few weeks so my cooking has been pretty lacking (and sometimes downright shameful, damn you frozen Boca burgers for being so easily microwaveable!), then being sick and not wanting to do ANYTHING – especially the whole point of the blog – working out, going out, cooking, eating.. MAJOR FAIL this past week. So let’s just pretend none of that ever happened.

Ahhem.. Oh, hi, didn’t see you there.. ūüôā

Kickball 2013

Dodge ball last night! Okay, so that’s a picture from kickball this past summer, but we are the same color, and the team is eerily similar.. I’ll post a better one when they post them on Facebook. Oh Facebook, what would we do without you?

Won one, lost one, so no harm no foul? Well, we beat our arch nemesis, For Whom the Ball Tolls,¬†so that’s all that really matters. I’m not even going to tell you what the name of our team is..

After dodge ball, I was graciously invited to a black-tie soiree at the McKeown (yah, try saying that one) residence. I grabbed used my sommelier skills to carefully select the perfect wine to pair with the grandiose spread, picked out the best of the stale French baguettes from the grocery store bakery next door and hightailed it floated like an angel to Pittston, well below the speed limit. I promise. :/

There were many guests in attendance – Chairman Meow and The Hurdy Gurdy Man to name a few (don’t be jealous, they’re much more down to earth than you would think), and the garb was impeccable. I thought the night couldn’t get any better, and then dinner was served.

Okay, seriously now, this is probably the best soup I have ever had in my entire life. My friend Marisa went well out of her way to cook dinner for her husband Michael and I while we were at dodge ball, probably because I’m a pathetic lonely dog lady right now.

She. Even. Revised. The. Recipe. To. Make. It. Vegan.

She’s awesome. It was awesome. Everything was awesome. Do I use that word too much? Awesome.

Butternut Thai Coconut Curry Soup (or some mixture of those words).

What?! It was unbelievable. Like, UN.BELIEVABLE.

And I didn’t take a picture, I hate myself. ūüė¶

So here’s a picture of a different dinner instead:

Group Photo

I need that recipe a.s.a.p. Perhaps she will give it to me, or maybe keep it all to herself – that one is definitely one for the books.

Thanks girl!

Glad to be back. There may be some major changes on the horizon.. Dun dun dun..


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